You Got Me


Chapter 1

“H-hello?” she answered the phone with a frisson of excitement…, and fear.  “Hi, you’ve got to be ready for tomorrow, we’re going somewhere after the event”, says the man with a baritone voice on the other line. “Are you sure about this?” she asked. “We’ve been planning for this and I couldn’t wait anymore. I want to spend more time with you. Why? Are you having your second thought about this?” asked the man. “Uhm- No! No…I am just confirming”, she said. Okay then, have some rest now, tomorrow is a long day. Goodnight sweetie”, he said. “G-goodnight”, she answered and turn off her phone. She lied on the bed with her mind occupied by the thoughts of what’s going to happen after tomorrow. She tried to get rid of it but she’s still awake at 2 am. She can hear the voices in her inner self. One voice is telling her to back off while the other is giving her a push to take the chance and be happy. It seems like there’s a battle on the left and right corners of her brain. What’s happening to me?... and she’s left with that question and with her exhausted mind she falls asleep.


     A loud beeping sound broke the silence in the entire room. Amelie stretched her arm towards the side table of her bed to turn off her alarm. Her eyes are half-open and could barely see the time and suddenly she remembers that today is a big day at work. She jumps off her bed, takes a shower, dresses up, and puts her makeup on. She is wearing a black suit with an inner soft pink top paired with black pants and her stiletto court heels. She curled her long brown hair that made her look so chic and elegant. It is half-past seven in the morning and she needs to be in the office by eight. It is a twenty-minute ride to her workplace and the buses are passing by the nearest stop in an interval of fifteen minutes. She hurried up to catch the bus and she needs to be there on time. Today is a busy day at work and there is not enough time to think about her matters.


     Everyone is engaged in their tasks. Amelie is in charge of the organizers giving them instructions and orders making sure that everything is in place. The event will start at 1 pm and there will be a flow of expected guests until the evening. It is all set up and the guests start arriving and by then, the unveiling program begins. Amelie stands in the corner of the room with her other colleagues while listening to the company president welcoming their guests. Her eyes are busy looking around trying to recognize every person in the room. “Hmm, are you looking for your lover?” mutters the little voice on her. As she approached herself musing about her issues, she noticed the familiar physique of a man on the right corner of her eye. There you are, her mind’s little voice whispered in affirmation. She immediately quivered knowing that her life is about to change in a few hours from now and she could not even decide on the right thing to do. Her thoughts are running wild and before these little voices in her mind argue once again, she quickly cut off her reverie and walks out of the launching room.


        The soft music is playing and the guests are looking around the accessories on display. The program and presentation have just ended and the people are just mingling around, having some cocktails, and enjoying the rest of the night. In a while, the party is over and the guests slow-walk towards the exit door. Amélie and the other employees stayed and waited for the organizer to pack up their stuff completely. It was a successful evening for Steers and Wheels S.C.A. that has just launched the latest car retrofits from its partner Brixton Luxury S.A, a world-renowned brand that manufactures body kits, tailpipes, and all sorts of luxurious car accessories. The occasion was graced by prominent personalities from the whole metropolitan area, the VIP customers, and the company's major stockholders. Among the guests was Mr. Liam Bachlund, a French-German lad who owns 40 percent of shares in the company. He is a well-known businessman in the country, the CEO of the biggest brewery company, and the conglomerate hotel and restaurant businesses in most of the regions. He also owns several properties including the vast farmland in the northwestern part of Brittany and one in the west of Normandy. He has a strong passion for automobiles which has compelled him to invest in the fast-growing automotive industry. He is not only known for being one of the richest men in town but also because of his charismatic personality. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he is the only son of the Backlund's.

     Amelie has been with Steers and Wheels as the Marketing supervisor for the last three years and she has met most of the VIPs at their prestigious events. Feeling parched she remembered that she has not taken any water that night but a couple of cocktail drinks. She rushed to the counter and look for some water to drink when a familiar voice from behind whispered her name. Suddenly she felt her adrenaline soared at the thought of getting out of the counter as quickly as she could but upon turning her head in that direction, she saw a shadow of a man standing and looking at her. The room is dimmed but his voice and his athletic posture reveal instantly who he is. “Boss L- Liam? Ahh, I-is there anything I can help you with?” She was trying not to stutter but she was too nervous and her heart is beating even faster, continuously increasing as it seemed to explode. “I didn’t have a chance to talk to you earlier, I’d been looking for you and I found you here…” says the man with a baritone voice. She keeps a pitch eye on their surroundings scared that someone might see them together and alone. Liam caught that fearful look on her face. “Don’t worry, he whispered… I will not stay here for long. My car is at B-4… I will wait for you there” … and he briskly disappeared. Amelie is caught off-handed.

​     Everyone is on their way out. Amelie took her bag and Allein offered her a ride back home but she refused and find her excuse.  Allein is one of her colleagues and he has been courting her since they've met but she never shares the same feelings with him. Her mind is preoccupied with the thought of her secret affair. The truth is, she’s undecided to meet her boss Liam that night but she has already given her word. She is frightened that someone might see them together but she doesn’t want to let the moment sweep away. She has been contemplating these thoughts for days and she knows that she’s in trouble but her heart is beating ferociously fueling her mind not to take this chance for granted. Liam is a good man and a prominent personality who is fairly generous, very thoughtful, a loving person, and apart from this, he is engaged. Yes, he is committed to someone else and not to her. Thousands of needles pierced her heart by what that little voice in her mind has revealed. Holding her chest, she breathes deeply and she gasps some air to loosen up. How can she be crazy for a man who is not free?


     As she continues to head down the car park, she didn’t notice the bollard on her way, and all of a sudden, she stumbles and fall having this thought. As she tries to get up, she heard that familiar voice again… “Amy, are you okay?” Are you hurt?... then she realized it was too late to run away. This is not their first rendezvous. Nobody knows they have this concealed affair except her best friend Jeanne who understands and supports her all the way. Jeanne has witnessed how she tried to shun him off her life but Liam was so persistent. Amélie is a smart and beautiful lady in her mid-20s. She looks gorgeous on her 5 feet and 7 inches height, slim body built with excellent proportion, long wavy dark brown hair, and has big brown eyes. Liam is stunned and got obsessed with her sensual appearance. In like manner, Amélie is attracted to Liam the first time they met and she cannot defy his mysterious guise. Liam is 15 years older than her but he maintains his physique as a young man. Women may flock to him due to the mystique that surrounds his persona. He can be strong, rough, and sensitive, and he is very attractive.  


     Everything comes so fast between them. It is a whirlwind romance that took away her sanity. “Please come with me” … says Liam. “Let’s go to Brittany” …he continued. “I am scared Liam, what if Blaise finds out?” I think this is not right. You are soon to be married. What about Camille? Your daughter needs you.” …she replied. Liam holds her tight on her shoulders. "We are not married. She is not my wife yet and that was just a plan. It’s only because of Camille that we got engaged but now I realized that marrying her and loving someone else is absurd.” Let’s give ourselves a chance, come with me and I will protect you. I promise everything will be all right. I love you, Amy, you know that” … and besides, I am too old to not know what I want in life. I have everything, fortune, and fame, but my life was empty until I found you.  Do you understand what I’m saying? Looking at him, she gently nods and he kissed her softly on the forehead.  Did the man fall in love with her, she thought. There is no more time to decide, she has missed the options and left with one. She wanted to be happy, who doesn’t?

     He drives his luxury car fast to Brittany. Amelie closed her eyes pretending to be asleep but in her deepest thought, there are thousands of questions going in circles in her mind searching for an answer. She wanted to ask Liam but she runs out of words to say. She was caught off-handed with the situation. That little voice in her mind is purring again, telling her that she is supposed to refuse the man but her heart seemed to have its brain that dictates her motion creating a chorus of delirium inside her and she is lost. She has lost her sanity and self-affirmation causing her dignity. They left Centre Val de Loire past half at nine in the evening and they are still driving at midnight. It is almost a 3-hour drive to get to the place. Feeling uneasy about her position, she reclined her seat to be able to stretch her back and legs. Liam noticed that she’s not comfortable with a sports car seat. “Sweetheart, are you all right?”, asked Liam in a worried voice. “Yeah, I just need to change my position… what time is it? “Quarter past 11”, he replied. One more hour to wait before they reach the place. The weather is cold and the road is dark. Only the beams of the headlamps lighten up their way to Liam’s place. They saw a cafe on their way and Liam decided to stop over for some coffee. She tried to shut off that little voice in her mind. She wanted to enjoy the moment with Liam. She’s been waiting for this occasion. It’s been two years of fantasy and now the reality has come, she doesn’t want to lose it.


     He ordered coffee for two and they occupied the table in the corner. Liam breaks the silence and started the conversation. They talk about their childhood and they talk about themselves. “I want you to believe in me. I never feel this way until I met you. I know that you worry about my status in life but I am single and I am old enough to decide on my own. My relationship with Blaise is built with pressure. When you are living in my world, you will understand it better. She looked at him in the eyes and feel the sincerity of his words. “I am just worried about her, what if she finds out?” Liam holds her hand and gazed at her. “For as long as we are together, there is nothing you should worry about.” And they stare at each other. “You just need some rest, finish off your coffee and let’s continue talking in the house. Please do not overthink, let’s just enjoy each other’s company”, says Liam. Enjoy each other’s company? Her little voice purrs again… what does it mean? Is he taking you seriously? Is he planning to marry you? He’s been single and never been married until his age now and he only got engaged because he became an accidental father to a 1-yr old girl. In the world where he lives, it is more important to value their social image rather than their feelings. “Shall we go now?”, her thoughts are cut off by him and her little voice shuts off. “Yes, let’s go”, she replied trying not to show her musings on him.


     As they get into the car, Liam leaned his body on her trying to help her fasten the seat belt. He is very close that she can smell his delicious masculine scent. His skin touches hers and it is giving her goosebumps. She feels that something inside her revs up, and she cannot control that feeling. Liam is looking at her face, her eyes, her nose, her lips and he is just an inch away. This gesture suddenly brings her thoughts flashback on their first intimate moment together inside his Bugatti car when Liam drove her to one of his ancestral homes. That moment was so precious and unforgettable for her. She remembers every detail of that moment when Liam helped her fasten her seat belt and that was their first close encounter with each other. Liam extended his right arm to pull the belt from her side and when she looks at him, their eyes have met. They were just an inch away and she could barely breathe at that moment. She smells his perfume and his eyes were gazing on hers with admiration and yearning desire. She had that electrifying feeling inside her body. That moment was so intense, it was so fast that before she can even persuade herself to move back, he already has pulled her body closer, closer to him that there was no more space left in between them. He kisses her forehead, her nose, then his lips outrageously invaded hers. They were carried away by their emotions, awed by their sensual desire. She felt like she was somewhere, in a place she’s never been. It lasted for minutes, they stopped in seconds, and then he started again by tilting in and lock her lips with his. This time is more romantic. They both go with the flow slowly not rushing to make the moment divine and make the most of it. It was another long lock-up not wanting to release each other but they need to gasp some air. They look at each other’s eyes, deeply, intimately, trying to read their souls. It was such a very romantic move and they urge to discover more. Liam pin her on her seat and gave her a single lip kiss and whispered “open up”. Before she can even say a word, he locks up her lips with him once again and slowly extends his tongue on her mouth trying to reach hers. She responded by biting his lower lip gently fueling Liam’s desire for her. He became more aggressive and his hands started to move in different directions.


     Her thoughts of the past are bringing her somewhere back into the place where she was in that first intimate moment, she's getting deeper and deeper on her reverie, and when suddenly, the engine revving sound has startled her. Liam noticed her reaction and throw her a mischievous smirk. She is embarrassed by her thoughts and once again that little voice purrs on her… “Don’t feel so excited girl but surely you will be there in that place you dream about”. What is this voice trying to say? Just earlier, she was adamant about this little voice that’s always trying to push her to stand for this relationship, but now is she convinced? She smiled at the thought and tried to hide her face from Liam who‘s eyes are on the road. She is wondering if Liam has read her mind. One thing she knows, there was an excitement at the back of her mind..., and her inner self. She and Liam will be together... alone in that place they called haven.

Chapter 2

     She is half-asleep and exhausted but she jolted out on what she sees. They are driving into the forest. It is too dark but she can clearly see the trees around by the beams of the light. Wondering where they are, she looks at him and asks... "W-where are we?" Liam smiled at her and said... "In my kingdom my princess. Are you surprised? This will be our lair and we will be the wildest animals in this forest."

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