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Women's Miracle Water

Updated: Jul 19

The women's miracle water or better known as lemon water serves as a natural alkaline when digested and metabolized in the body and it cures most of women's hormonal symptoms.
Miracle Water

It only takes a glass of miracle water to feel good all throughout the day. Consider this as an ultimate solution for women's unwanted feelings, body conditions, hormonal changes, and even to the extent of other similar conditions to men.

This miracle water is consist of only two ingredients, water and lemon fruit. This will not harm anyone's pocket compared to the medicines prescribed for women's hormonal symptoms, not to mention the relief it will give after taking glasses of this miracle water.

There are several online materials that provide information about the nutritional benefits, health effects and contents of a lemon fruit, and one of the most basic questions asked is whether a lemon is considered as acid or alkaline. But for women in their 30s - 60s, lemon water can be considered as a miracle water. Let's find out why.

According to the studies, lemon juice in its natural state has an acidic pH level 2 before it is digested and when metabolized by the body it produces alkaline with higher pH level above 7. Most people take lemon juice because of its known health benefits such as increasing the metabolism, boosting the immune system, cancer prevention, lower stroke risk, maintaining normal blood pressure, increasing iron absorption, preventing asthma, reducing weight - though further research is needed to confirm this, and basically because it is a good source of Vitamin C.

Some women in their 30s begin to experience hormonal changes most likely after giving birth all through their menopausal, or even until they reach the age of 60s. What are the common hormonal symptoms? Before going through the details, women should understand their body conditions and requirements because not everyone will experience the same thing, and some could face difficulties where a professional advise is needed especially to those that have underlying conditions.

Menopause is a natural biological process that marks the end of a woman's menstrual cycle. Women reaching the age of 45 - 60s suffer mostly before and during their menopausal stage. Most people do not understand how the hormones work and control the body system, and they could not adapt with these changes. Generally, women experience and bear about 80-90% of the symptoms as shown below. And for severe cases, women could even end up with the prescribed medications to eliminate this syndrome.

Menopausal Syndrome
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Here is a simple yet smartest natural way to eliminate up to 90% of these symptoms from the body based on personal testimonies of women who have tried this process. In order to be successful, one has to eliminate, avoid, or lessen the intake of foods and drinks that could trigger the condition. Among those mentioned are coffee or any caffeinated beverages like soda and teas, sweet, salty, and acidic foods. One has to look for food that can help balance the hormones and those that are high in estrogens. Estrogen level in women's body decline during the menopausal and this can result to symptoms like hot flashes and night sweating, along with other physical conditions.

Estrogen plays an important role in a woman's body. It helps control the menstrual cycle and is important for childbearing. It also keeps the cholesterol in control, protects bone health for both men and women, and it affects the brain, heart, bones, skin and other tissues. The ovary is the main source of estrogen and it moves through blood and acts everywhere in the body. Hormone Health Network

As the lemon water turns into an alkaline when digested and metabolized in the body, it neutralizes the stomach acid which may reduce or eliminate acid reflux. It also relieves other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, head aches, muscle and joint pains, bloating, and heartburn among others.

Prepare a glass of warm water and make 2-3 slices of lemon including the zest or its peel. Soak the sliced lemon for a few minutes into the water allowing the juice to seep through. One can also use a fork to pierce the lemon pulps to make the waiting shorter.

It is best to take this lemon water first thing in the morning with an empty stomach. This will allow lemon water to metabolized completely in the body system and convert into alkaline without mixing with other food intake. Taking another glass during the day or even before bedtime is also beneficial to keep the body hydrated.

Keep the remaining lemon in a plastic wrap or covered containers before placing in the refrigerator to retain its freshness.

Drink this miracle water continuously and see the result within 3 - 5 days. It is tested and proven to eliminate worst menopausal symptoms and here are some testimonies from women who have followed this process.

"I was on my mid 40s when I began to experience symptoms like hot and cold flashes. It was a weird feeling for me waking up in the middle of the night sweating in an airconditioned room and then suddenly I felt cold. Years later, I started to experience different symptoms like high blood pressure, nausea, anxiety attack, heartburn, acid reflux, palpitations, dizziness, bloating, muscle pains and even depression, and I could not bear them. I went to see my doctor every month and he prescribed me with different kinds of medicines every time I visit - more or less 5 kinds of medicines. I even stopped drinking coffee and tried to manage my diet but to no effect. As I am a working individual, I always forgot  to take these medicines on its desired time. It was really a torturing moment for me and I struggled to overcome these symptoms until I remembered to phone my cousin and she advised me to take a glass of warm  lemon water every morning  before taking anything else. Feeling desperate, I bought  lemon fruits and started to follow her advise. To my surprise after only about 4 - 5 days, I started to feel better. All that bad feelings that tortures me are gone and I am happy to share this tremendous experience to all women who have not tried this yet." - Llanara

"In 2015, I suffered from acid reflux and was hospitalized. I took the prescribed medications for almost 5 months but it did not change my condition. My officemate advised me to use lemon and soak a slice of it in a glass of warm water and drink it early in the morning with an empty stomach. After 2 months of doing it, I was relieved from acid reflux. Some people would say that lemon is an acid but it is really considered alkaline when taken." - Dolly Ignacio

"Almost a year ago I started feeling intermittent palpitations, hot flashes, nights sweats, headaches, joint pains, acid reflux, and dizziness which being in my early fifties, I attributed to menopause. A friend recommended drinking warm water with lemon every morning about two weeks ago. After only four days, I started feeling okay, no more dizziness, palpitations and acid reflux." Faet R.

Try this procedure and let us know of your story. This lemon water is not only for women with menopausal syndrome, this can also help younger generations including men who suffer from hyper acidity or acid reflux. For any suggestions, you may contact us by email or you may comment down below.

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