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Updated: Jan 25

The Epitome of Happiness

There is a story behind every photograph and a single shot could speak a thousand words. But the real story only lies to the beholder whilst others could interpret it the way they see it. To tell a story about the photograph requires an in-depth understanding of the objects in the pictures and considering the emotions it brings. Having a keen-eye means seeing things other people cannot see. Photography is not just about the camera nor about taking shots merely because you like the view, but it is because you have a story to tell at the moment you are caught up by it.

The author have chosen five photos out of the fifty-four wonderful entries from the epitome of happiness challenge wall. Let's find out some of the photographer's story behind these photos, and the author's point of view.

1 Indulging Panorama

Photo taken by Haneilou Avila in Alberta, Canada

The beauty of nature itself indulges me to take a pose and gaze at the amazing scene right before my eyes. It is such a wonderful place to see and it gives me that feeling of relief and freedom while I escape from the complexity of life.

It tremendously nurtures happiness in me as I witness this spectacular panorama.

- The Photographer

2 Blooming Harvest

Photo taken by Maria Ross in Quesnel B.C., Canada

In the heart of a child is a great pleasure of having this opportunity to touch and pick these tiny wonders of the earth. It is an astonishing happy experience for a young mind to have these pretty creations on his hands and feel connected with nature.

- The Author

3 Food is Life

Photo taken by Marguela Berania - Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

I believed that food is not just a basic need but the primary source of happiness for all of us. Without the food to feed our physical bodies, any other means of happiness sounded bizarre and far-fetched.

Food is the real source of everyone's happiness and having it outdoors with nature's delight could even be more fantastic.

- The Photographer

4 Twilight Fishing

Photo taken by Maricel Gabrielsen in Bergen, Norway

At first glance I was caught up by the sunset but there is more to tell. Bringing myself inside the photograph gives me the real feeling of pure relaxation and focus of mind. There is calmness and joyful reaction in me. It connects me to the serene part of the world.

- The Author

5 Nature Splash

Photo taken by Clarence Rowel De Guzman in KhaoYai, TH

Hearing the sound of the water as it rush to touch the ground turns to be the finest and the most beautiful sound of the earth for me. It reminisce the laughter and happiness my friends and I shared during our childhood days. Being a Green Ambassador and a nature-lover, I considered waterfalls as one of the topnotch wonders that creates a beautiful and relaxing music that soothes my soul.

- The Photographer

My special thanks to the artists who have shared their photographs and thoughts. Most of us are nature-lovers but not all of us bother to see the story behind every photograph, and likewise, the stories that can be created and delivered to the viewers.

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