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How To Overcome Nostalgia

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Looking for a cure for nostalgia? The feeling of being away from home and doing your daily routines or your customary ways of living with family, and meeting your friends once in a while is difficult to overcome. Nostalgia is not a bad thing. It is curable by allowing your mindset to be adaptive of the changes in your surroundings and explore on something achievable yet productive activity that will help you conquer your nostalgic feeling.

Dried colored paper towels for flower making
DIY - Indoor Arts

Discover your potentials and hidden skills. Bringing out the artist in you could probably be a good way towards self-compassion. If you are looking for something to do that is diverting and enjoyable, here's something that you can try and start doing to fill in your idle times and convert into becoming artistically prolific.

Do some artwork

Do something that is fun and exciting. You don't need to spend a lot of money to achieve this. All you need to do is check for possible stuff you already have to start with your artwork.

Basically, you will need materials to start with. Whether you are inclined with painting, drawing, sketching, sewing, or any craftsmanship, you will need to spend money to acquire what you need. Try to become practical. Look around and check what you have in your room. If you're way too creative, you can have your old stuff converted into something new. You can spend less for more fun and exciting projects that will help you become productive.

Develop the artist in you

Do not treat yourself like a hopeless artist. Arts come in different forms and kinds. Even the simplest or smallest thing on earth is an artwork that you may not notice. The first thing you have to do is list down your interests and determine which one hold much of your passion. Look around the four corners of your room and check for possible stuff that you can use to begin. You may need to acquire some of your materials from the store depending on your desired craft.

Here are some ideas that may help you to start your own project.

  • Nail polish painting - nail art polish which are expiring can be used to paint bottles, canvas, drawing paper, or any material that is compatible with the lacquer.

  • Flower making from paper towels - just around your kitchen or in your range of toiletries you will find this material for creating gorgeous flowers. Check out this link for your guide to begin https://youtu.be/THVBadyyBik

  • Creating music videos - look for video editor application that you can download for free from the internet. You may use your favorite series or movie as your content, or simply use any of your favorite songs. There are many ways to get your music video done. All you need to do is explore and learn the step by step instructions on your chosen editor. You can upload your finish product on #YouTube or you may keep them for private use.

  • Scrapbook making - old news papers or magazines can be used as your background sheets and design your pages with your desired concept, or you may browse internet for thousands of ideas online.

  • Short story writing - use your imaginative mind. Create stories and develop your skill by the aid of online materials. You can be a contributor or a content writer and could earn extra money at the same time.

  • Article writing - similar to story writing, this requires intellectual creativity. Online resources is a very helpful material to support your composition, and are very accessible. By this, one can create an article without going into places.

Artwork as a product

When you get something done, it becomes a product having your own brand. Whether you did it for personal use, as a gift, or as an item to sell, it has its value. The materials used, the effort inserted, the time invested, and the skills are all into it. You can only tell its worth.

Getting your project done could lead you somewhere in the business world. You just need to be creative and adaptive to the trends of your target market. But if you are not a business minded person, you can always use your project to your own benefit like making them your room decorations, personally customized according to your ideas, and save your money. Conventionally, personalized gifts are more valuable than what you just bought from the stores. Penny-wise, you can probably spend less but having it wrapped with your skills and effort makes it priceless.

The perks of being an artist

Happiness is nowhere to be found but within you. The room is a place where you can be yourself. There is no need to spend a lot on shopping and buying stuff that are not necessary, no need for alcohol, and no need to join groups and other irrelevant activities. You will feel proud about yourself for having an achievement. But the most important thing is, an artwork can help you overcome nostalgia and even moderate depression. Try to develop the artist in you. Everyone is gifted with unique skills. Failures could come along the way but let it not defeat your purpose. It's a perfect time to begin, keep trying, and good luck!

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