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Inexpensive Christmas Decors

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Why spend more on a stunning, classy, and adorable decorations in your home this yuletide season when you can have it for less?

These huge gorgeous poinsettias look so classy in their color. These are made of 2-ply inter-folded hand towels or commonly called as tissue paper. Learn how to make your own by simply following the instructions on the link provided below.

The glamorous yet economical way of celebrating the yuletide season lies on your hands.

For many of us, Christmas is a festival. This is the time when we receive extra money from our employment benefits such as bonuses and company perks. This is also a great chance for us to buy the things that we have been planning to acquire which are mostly considered secondary or beyond our basic needs. We have that long list of likes and wants and one of these is to have beautiful decorations in our home to feel the spirit of Christmas and probably, to impress our guests.

Check your wallet before spending your fortune

Know your priorities and spend wisely. Why spend your money on buying something that you can do on your own. Use your hands and your creative ideas instead of your wallets and credit cards.

One good example of a creative and inexpensive idea is the making of Poinsettias

from hand towels or toilet papers. Most households have tissue paper included in their monthly budget. How much does a pack of tissue paper cost you? You don't even need a pack, it depends on the volume of flowers you need for your room decors.

It only take some minutes to make the flowers and its bracts but you will need extra time for the coloring and drying procedure of your colored paper. You can watch the full video at this link: https://youtu.be/YLuop0DLqX4

To achieve these classy look poinsettias, here are the materials needed:

  • For the flower - 5 cotton buds

  • For the bract - 4 inter-folded paper

  • For the leaf - 1 inter-folded paper

  • For the node - use the spare color green papers, floral wire to hold the flower

  • Red paint

  • Black paint

  • Yellow paint

  • White paint (optional)

In this project, acrylic paints were used and was mixed with reasonable amount of water. You can use an alternative color material like food coloring that you may found in your kitchen. Try it and experiment blending until you get the result of your desired color. Apart from spending less, you will find it very exciting and rewarding. Try it now and have fun!

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