The skin is the largest organ in the body. It’s three main functions are protection, regulation, and sensation. Although it covers our body from head to toe, the delicateness of the various parts varies primarily on its thickness that is why it is important to take good care of it even if some areas need more special attention than the rests. The difference between facial care and body care must be understood, and the precise application of various skincare products should be considered.

The face down to the neck are the most delicate part of the skin in the upper body regions. Some people are investing in a skincare regimen in order to get rid of acne, scars, dark spots or pigmentation, rosacea, discoloration, and dry and dull skin. Based on a study, 90% of the world’s population have these issues at some point in their lives regardless of whether they are in their period of adolescence or in their adulthood.

Unfortunately, washing the face with soap and water is not enough. Visiting a dermatologist to have a one-time or short-term treatment is not a guaranty to resolve skin problems. The facial conditions mentioned above need long-term and stable handling to support the doctor's prescriptions. It is most necessary to look after your skins' health even if you are not suffering from any of these common skin problems or imperfections. As the person is getting older, the skin gradually loses its nutrients, thus, it requires more attention and care to rebuild collagen and get back its elasticity. Remedies are available nowadays everywhere in the market and to cope up with the times, one of the best solutions to achieve healthy glowing skin using the appropriate products is by having your own skincare routine.


Buying products from the market without proper consultation from the skin experts can be done, but in a 50-50 case, this may just cause your issues to worsen. Based on personal experience, it is better to visit your dermatologist to have your skin checked prior to any product application. You may find this step quite a bit expensive because of consultation fees and some required procedures not to mention the prescriptions and the recommended products from their own shelf. Trust me, calculating all these expenses versus buying and trying out several products from the market without proper skin examination will be more costly than the latter.


You might be following some beauty endorsers, watching vlogs of beauty influencers, reading articles from several bloggers but most of their reviews are based on their personal experience which may only be applicable to their respective skin types. Though they may be helpful, there is no way you can just rely on them. Basically, you need to get to know your skin and discover what is best for you and what your skin type needs, rather than buying products deriving from opinions with limited knowledge of the subject matter. This could save you from second-rate damage,  time, and a huge dent from your wallet in the future.

If you have product preferences, you may seek your dermatologist's advice and opinion to know whether it suits you or not. You can also consult about the product contents and ingredients that should be considered especially if you are having a sensitive type of skin. Take the given advice into consideration and you may also get additional information via online research.


Reviews coming from these beauty and lifestyle gurus are also the trendy sources of information with receipts to support their claims. They became the beauty, body, and skin advisors next to dermatologists and beauty experts. Part of their job is to experience the products themselves and share their personal opinion about it. They may recommend certain products that have given them good results after the actual testing, or barely because they tend to endorse and promote a particular brand and get paid by the manufacturer or supplier.

When a product is attracting attention, these vloggers and bloggers tend to flock in it to investigate if it is really worth the hype and your money’s value. And from this, you can compare their reactions and gather more information since they vary on skin types, thus, it appears as a helpful comparison.


In choosing products and as mentioned before, identifying the skin type is relevant. That is why in building your own skincare routine, having further research is needed to make sure that you can give the best care that your skin needs. Be educated about them.

Another way of researching is by reading the product reviews posted from their brand sites or other online shopping platforms. They are golden and can be helpful in your decision-making or in weighing your options on which items you need to buy or include in your routine in the future.

In addition, having knowledge of the ingredients present in your chosen products is an advantage for proper storing especially when they get easily spoiled (e.g. vitamin C based products) to avoid early expiration than their suggested date.


Now is the time to start building your own routine. We know that there are plenty of great choices out in the market but to be honest, most of these skincare products are costing a great deal and can give you a heart attack. Pun intended.

In choosing what to buy, you may go all-out luxury, drugstore, or both. Just remember that your beauty buys don’t have to be fancy nor conservative, what is important is it works and fits your budget. Make sure to only get what you need. Don’t go overboard in spending even if you have an unlimited budget. Remember to always practice smart spending without sacrificing the ultimate purpose of buying the right product for you.

Start your routine at your own convenience. You may follow this simple principle and include these basics to your list such as cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, or any sun protectant cream for the morning and the same set of items for the evening except for any SPF-containing products. If you are planning to consider buying clay masks or sleeping masks but you are running out of budget, you may purchase optional products such as Korean or Japanese sheet masks. These products are cheaper but the result is still good. In leveling up your skincare, you can add face oils, serums, eye creams, and exfoliants. Cautiously apply them in a gradual manner until your skin gets comfortable. Remember to be gentle in applying new products and avoid using them directly without doing a patch test on your skin as this may cause bad reactions and breakouts.


For some, keeping a skincare routine as a habit may be tiring, but when you get used to it, you won’t be able to stop. Just remember that achieving your ultimate goal to have that desired healthy glowing skin is not an overnight process and may take some time.  You may have a few trials and errors along the way but you will notice the changes little by little. Be patient and you will definitely get there.

Do not just rely on the products. Make sure to include these healthy activities as part of your routine...

1. Drink lots of water in order to stay hydrated

2. Get enough sleep for at least 7-8 hours per day

3. Have a balanced diet

4. Stay active e.g. exercise; and

5. Do not sleep with your make-up on. Wash it all off.

To wrap up, always remember to take good care of not just your face, but also your body. You may receive better results if you do it holistically. If you already have good skin, maintain it. Otherwise, just enjoy the process.

We appreciate your opinions, comments, and suggestions. Please feel free to email us or simply write it down in the comment section provided below.

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