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Connecting to Nature - Amateur Photography Challenge

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hey guys! UniworldSpace is launching its first ever photography challenge for individuals who are at the beginner’s level. This is to boost the confidence in you to share your artistic skills to the public, and stay focused on the positive, brighter, and colorful side of life especially at this time of the year. Let not the pandemic stop you from moving forward and let no distraction cause you from joining this great opportunity. Tune in your selves to the world of photography.

Moreover, believing in yourself is the key to your success. UniworldSpace will not be taking any penny from you. All you need to do is comply with the simple requirements and meet the criteria, use your phone as your tool, and there is no need for you to travel far. The concept for this season is "connecting to nature" which is infinitely and readily available around you.

For details, you may email the organizer at the following email addresses:



Acceptance of entries is extended until 5th of June 2020 or until further advise.

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