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What's next for AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHY challenge?

Nature photography has always been a relaxing diversion for most people who admire the display of natural beauty outdoors. It allows other people to see things that they may not notice and encourages them to care and preserve these elements of nature. It also helps to foster the conservation of the natural world in its own small way.

In photo: Meadow Sage in full bloom at the Chatuchak Park of Bangkok, Thailand

Photography is not for everyone but it can be learned by taking special courses on how to apply the skills and get the best angle of the object in focus. However, for some people it is a hobby that they can develop using their own talents and skills and for some others, it is a passion.

My Personal Space is a personal blog site that has a special place for photography and it plans to host and organize a seasonal challenge for amateurs to help boost their confidence and enhance their abilities towards mastering photography to the next level. This project is intended not only to showcase and acknowledge talents and skills, but to also create fancy entertainment for the viewers.

My Personal Space Gallery has successfully launched its first season of photography exhibit. Twenty nine participants from different countries have shared their talents and skills, and sixty nine entries were accepted for the challenge. This project aims to encourage individuals to look at the positive side of life, and to take them to the outside world and appreciate the beauty of nature while coping up with the lock down situation as the world is experiencing the pandemic. In line with the mechanics, the entries were personally captured by the said participants from the beginning of the year. The concept for this season's challenge is about connecting to nature. It is a free-style photography, and no predetermined criteria nor restrictions has been imposed. The judging is predominantly based on the personal perceptions of the viewers and based on social sharing although one of the three categories follow a special judging procedure. This is to allow nature-lovers and photography enthusiasts in the amateur level to start sharing their masterpiece and gain confidence in this field of arts.

These amazing and impressive photographs on exhibit has received positive reactions from the viewers and great appreciation from those who have enjoyed the scenes on their screens. It is overwhelming to have over 3,000 viewers from different nations around the globe who visited the gallery in just one week.

Up Next...

Be a shutterbug! The next season's challenge is more fun and exciting. Prepare your cameras and enlighten the whole world with your abilities to combine 2 objects in 1 shot. And hey! do not overthink, it is just around the corner and all you need to do is play with your camera and surprise the viewers with your skills.

Keep updated and don't be the last to know!

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