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12 Kinds of Shoppers

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Yuletide season is fast approaching and this is also considered the most abundant and extravagant time of the year. Irregardless of the economic and social position of a person in the society, Christmas is still celebrated by all means. Company bonuses, perks, and other give-aways are handed over at the last quarter of the year and having extra money beyond the monthly salary reveals a person's real behavior towards shopping and their ways of spending money. An informal research was conducted to verify and identify the different types of shoppers.

1. Impulsive Buyers – are those who buy unnecessary things which are not their priorities. They purchase things due to attraction and fascination giving it a snap decision.

2. Bargain Hunters – are the frugal buyers. Whether for the reason of being penny-wise, carefulness, or for economical consideration, they prefer to settle on sale items regardless of its quality. They are usually present on midnight sale or places where the sale event is happening.

3. Educated Shoppers – opposite to bargain hunters, these type of buyers are quality conscious individuals who look for the value of their money on every item they purchase. They assess their priorities based on their needs, the quality and longevity of the item, and its worth.

4. The Hagglers – are those who always ask for unreasonable discounts and would not settle until the price is right for them.

5. Brand Loyalists – believes that quality comes with the brand. They feel confident and assured of their money value in buying their preferred brands.

6. Signature Aficionados - are brand conscious individuals who go for signature items. For them, the brand name is an identity that denotes their status in the society. They believe that these signature items make them stand out in the crowd and get admired by their social circle.

7. Online Shoppers – these type of buyers are mostly introvert and busy individuals who do not like crowded places. It is more convenient for them to purchase items thru websites or online shops.

8. Practical Shoppers - are also considered to be frugal buyers but unlike the bargain hunters, they tend to consider the quality of the product they buy. They do not allow themselves to be affected by their environment, product endorsements, promotions or drop-off sale. They do not buy items that are not on their list.

9. Window Shoppers – are those who saunter around the markets, malls and department stores and look for hot items on sale. They are merely scouting for something that they may buy in the future. They are also considered as the wish list shoppers.

10. Browsers / Dubious Buyers – are mostly considered as indecisive buyers. They spend hours and hours browsing items from one shop to another looking for something that will satisfy them, and without hesitation. They are afraid to make wrong decisions over buying something.

11. Extravagant Shoppers – they are the most spender type of shoppers. For them, price is never an issue. They often head out on a shopping spree.

12. The Shopaholics – are the compulsive shoppers. They considered shopping as their means of relaxation and anti-stress diversion. They are easily attracted to things and keep themselves updated of the trends. They have that uncontrollable desire over things and shopping is their comfort zone.

Some people describe themselves as a combination of 2 or 3 types. How about you? What kind of shopper best describes you?

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