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Not all people love to stay home. For extroverts, it is quite difficult to survive a day without seeing the sun. Staying home is boring for those who are used to their day to day routines like going to work, doing business outside, attending school, and other outdoor activities. While other people consider it as an opportunity to spend quality time with their families and loved ones, some would see it as a new adventure to explore. But, is it really boring to stay at home? Let's get off the boredom in you.

Here are some productive tips and ideas for you that may fit your condition and level of interest.

1. Home gardening. You may start to create a front or backyard garden, or even in-house planting depending on your space. You can have vegetables that are easy to grow like tomatoes, chilies, eggplant, cucumbers, or even herbs. You may use the seeds from your over-ripened or nearly rotten tomatoes and other veggies in your kitchen to start up with. Empty plastic bottles or any containers in your rubbish bin can be used as your improvised pots. Planting requires effort and patience but this could result to a bountiful harvest of the next food in your table. Growing your own food is better than buying them from the market. There are plenty of ideas, guides, and tips available online for you. Check it out!

2. Room make-over. It’s time for you to use your creative mind. Re-arrange your home decor and furniture in your bedroom or even in your whole house and make it look brighter. You don't need to buy new items to make it look good. The ambiance of our room affects our mindset according to some studies. The brighter it looks, the clearer our minds, the more relaxing it could be.

3. Declutter your home. Start checking your stuff and remove unnecessary items from your cabinets. This is the best time for you to sort unwanted things from your wardrobe cabinets, or even in your storage room. You can put them on a garage sale when time permits, or you may be kind and generous enough to donate that unwanted stuff to the needy.

4. Clean up your room and organize your stuff. You may be working for ages and no time to clean your room for the best look and quality it deserves. Remove all the rubbish and dispose of them properly. Having a clean room and atmosphere is a factor to your health. You have to remember that cleanliness is next to godliness. Stay clean and healthy all the time.

5. Explore in your kitchen. Not knowing how to cook anything is not an excuse. There are plenty of cooking guides online and even on the recipe books. An incomplete ingredient is not a problem. Try to experiment by leveling up your interest in learning. Just use your available ingredients and spices and see what you can do out of it. The best way to do this is when you are hungry as this could boost your cooking potentials.

6. Learn how to bake or make your own snack. Again, look at your books you may have and some online guides and procedures. When you are craving for something, it will fuel up your instinct and will give you a good result. This could be the best time to learn and improve your baking skills and making different kind of snacks which you can consider as an option if you are planning for a business or if not, just benefit yourself.

7. Recreate fashion from your old clothes. Bring out your old shirts or dress and re-design them to the latest trend. All you need are scissors, thread, and needle which are certainly available in your home. Discover yourself, who knows you are a fashion guru? Post your creations on social media. Someone might see your ideas and offer you a brighter future ahead. Otherwise, you can always follow the trend without spending money on new clothes.

8. Wash and inspect your car. Maybe this time you can save money from sending your cars for a wash. This is the best opportunity to think about inspecting the exteriors and interiors of your cars and make it tidy with your personal care. The money that you save can be used for your other necessities.

9. Search for jobs online. Browse and scroll, and start looking for online jobs. Virtual jobs are a good source of income. A wide range of available jobs is waiting for you. You can be a tutor, product influencer, writer, blogger, or a site contributor. This is applicable for those who are searching for jobs.

10. Maximize your mobile phone and personal computer's potentials. Learn the capacity of your gadgets and look for applications that suits your needs or interests. You will never know what these gadgets could give you out on their highest potentials unless you start browsing, learn to adapt new things, and incline yourself to digital technology. People enjoy the perks of working online. Aside from getting time constraint-free activities, the decision only relies on you.

There are plenty of golden ideas to make your stay at home worthwhile. Learning is always a benefit to your different prospective in life. Get away of your boredom and enjoy the in-house perks of life.

Do you have any other ideas to share? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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