Indulging Panorama

By: Haneilou Avila 

The beauty of nature itself indulges me to take a pose and gaze at the amazing scene right before my eyes. It is such a wonderful place to see and it gives me that feeling of relief and freedom while I escape from the complexity of life.

It tremendously nurtures happiness in me as I witness this spectacular panorama.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Organizer's Choice Winner

Food is Life

By: Marguela Berania

I believed that food is not just a basic need but the primary source of happiness for all of us.  Without the food to feed our physical bodies, any other means of happiness sounded bizarre and far-fetched.

Food is the real source of everyone's happiness and having it outdoors with nature's delight could even be more fantastic. 

Location: Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand

People's Choice Winner

margeFOOD IS LIFE..jpg


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