In this challenging time of the year, many have lost their jobs, more companies have closed, businesses are down, some have contracted the virus, some have lost their loved ones, children cannot go to school, and more people feel depressed when they cannot do their normal routines. But amid this COVID-19 crisis, there is still hope that remains in everyone's heart. We hope that this will be over soon and this is just a temporary yet unforgettable experience in our lives that give us lessons and a deeper understanding of our existence, value, and purpose. 


         This project aims to strengthen our positive outlook on life and continue to admire the natural beauty that surrounds us, to remain grateful in whatever circumstances we are in, and let the happiness reign in our hearts. Altogether we will spread this joyful vibe and make the whole world see the wonders of life when unified with nature.


         My Personal Space Gallery will exhibit photographs that adhere to the theme "The Epitome of Happiness". This is the 2nd photography project of the UniworldSpace that will be launched in time for the Yuletide Season. 


  • This challenge is open to all individuals in the amateur level, with no gender preference, all nationalities are welcome, no specific age range but we require parental guidance for minors  (below 18).

  • All interested individuals may fill up the application form and scan it properly in PDF file with clear information and signature and submit to the email provided, or you may directly submit the complete information (as specified in the form) using your personal email.

  • You can submit unlimited entries but the organizers will have the right to limit the photos or to choose the best photos to publish according to the number of participants.

  • Participants submitting more entries are advised to send the file thru Google Drive to refrain from having your entries corrupted by the system.

  • The photographs are preferably in landscape orientation to avoid stretching them in the video presentation.

  • Each entry should have a caption or a brief description, along with the place and time it was taken.

  • Each entry will be assigned with a number and will be displayed as shown in the examples below.

  • Only recently taken photographs will be considered.

  • You are bound to cooperate in promoting your entries in the Gallery site to your social media platforms to gain views and votes from the public.

  • Most importantly, your entries must be personally taken by you. You can either edit it or decide to keep it in the original form.



  • This challenge is free to all interested individuals but you may voluntarily donate any amount to support Unicef. Our website is not monetized and we generate no funds from other entities. The cash bonuses are from the organizers and private individuals who support this project for a cause.


Organizers' Total Score = 80%     

  • Quality  

  • Uniqueness

  • Creativity

  • Charisma

  • Humor

  • Adherence to concept

   External Judges Score = 20%

People's Choice will be based on the total score gathered from the website and YouTube channel votes.

The bonus or advance points earned by the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers from the CTN project will be added to the entry of their choice upon the pre-assessment or prior to the exhibit. The advance points will only be applied to the People Choice category.


July 15 - October 15 - Your photography activities

August 1 -  October 15 -  Submission of application and entries

October - Pre-assessment & Layouting of Gallery

November - Exhibition and Voting

December - Declaration of winners


4 WEEKS from the publishing date.




Organizers’ Choice – TBA

People's Choice Bonus – TBA

Other Bonuses - TBA

Should there be any changes to the above information, we will keep you posted! All rights reserved.



The photos used in this layout are mostly from Google public images and the names and country are just created to show as an example to those who will be participating in the challenge for our next project with the theme "THE EPITOME OF HAPPINESS". There is no intention to violate or copyright the rightful owners of these photographs. These images will only be used as an example and will be removed in a short while.