About Me

Consider me a 'middle youth' for being advance in years but espousing the eclectic lifestyle and enjoying youthful attitudes and activities.


I have different interests and views in life than most people of my age have. At a very young age, I already have that fascination with something that's related to arts and crafts but I didn't have the time and opportunity to develop it well. Thus, I consider myself an artist by heart.

I am a working individual who has a very limited time for my interests but today's technology is giving me a great chance to begin and continue to explore not just on arts but all that matters to me.

Arts, photography, food, travel, music, and writing articles are my fancies and this is what my website is all about. I find it very convenient to accumulate my desires and interests in one place at any time I want it.

My personal space is open for your thoughts. Explore the world with me and travel far to the places you think are beyond your reach and discover the wonders of His creations.

My name is Lucy.